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USESO President: Elizabeth and Thomas Tailer | [email protected]

Elizabeth and Thomas Tailer have been taking the U.S. Earth Science Team to the IESO since 2007, when the first IESO was held in Dague, South Korea.

The IESO USA, Inc. was established to prepare the USA delegation for the IESO and is currently run by Elizabeth Tailer.

We have mentored over one thousand students through our work with the Governor’s Institute of Vermont at the University of Vermont. Our students have received many national and international awards and medals including Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards/medals at the IESO and The Brower National Youth Leadership Award.

The Tailers live in a 200 year old farm house in Essex, Vermont with a flock of sheep and chickens.

Program Director: Chelsea Brunner | [email protected]

Chelsea Brunner is currently a physical science teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has taught for 6+ years at elementary, middle school, high school, and college levels across the globe – including New York City and Japan. Chelsea has taught a wide range of topics in geology, but her specialty is meteorites. Chelsea holds two master’s degrees, one in geochemistry from the University of New Mexico and the other in science education from Columbia University in New York. She is passionate about earth science and spent several years working in one of the world’s largest gold mines as an underground ore control geologist. Chelsea is excited about our upcoming cohort of earth science students and can’t wait to get into the field to talk about rocks.

Volunteer Director: Ben Choi | Personal Website | [email protected]

Ben was formerly a member of the U.S. Earth Science Team in 2017 and is currently an undergraduate studying electrical engineering at Stanford. Students interested in gaining the student perspective on USESO or peer-to-peer advice on studying/resources should not hesitate to reach out at the email listed above. Alumni who are looking to help out with the program should also reach out to this email.

Thomas Tailer (left) with a member of the Japanese delegation at the 10th IESO in Japan.
Beth Tailer (left) with the U.S. Earth Science Team nurse in the French Alps at the 11th IESO in Southern France.