Any student currently enrolled in middle or high school in the United States is eligible for the USESO programs. They do not need to have a U.S. Passport. For the full statutes of age eligibility for the IESO, please visit the IESO site.

USESO Training Camp: Only the top two scoring students from any High School may attend the USESO Training Camp each year. Younger students may take the exam, however students must be at least 15 years of age before June 1st of that year to attend the USESO Training Camp. Regional limits may apply so that no more than ten students come from the same state each year.  This program is designed to prepare and select the team to represent the USA at the international level.  The eligibility for the international program is as follows.  “Participants should not have been born before July 1, X-19, where X is the year of the Olympiad. The participants must not be university/college students. They can only be students of secondary/high school. If they have already graduated before the competition, the organizer must be informed about the date of their graduation. A student who has already participated in an IESO, and who wants to participate in a subsequent IESO may do so only as a guest student and not as a member of a national team. This means that the student will not be eligible for any medals at the second or subsequent IESO.” – IESO Statutes

Thus, for the 2020 IESO program in Russia, students must have been born on or after July 1, 2001.

The United States team to the IESO will be selected only from the students who attend the USESO Training Camp held each year.

The international team is made of the top four qualifying students from the summer camp. Some years up to four additional alternate students may travel with the team and participate in the international event. If a student attends as an alternate, they can not qualify for individual medals.  However the alternate students can qualify and win awards in the International Team events.  In these events students from eight countries work together on real Earth Science issues.  To us at the USESO, it is these International Team events that are the most important part of the IESO.  Each year our students do very well in these events.

Junior Program  This program is designed to prepare students for the USESO Training Camp.  Any female student entering 8th through 10th grade that fall may apply.   We encourage girls from minorities and under represented groups in the sciences to apply.

Both Programs  All students need to be fluent in English.  The official language of the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) is English.

Students families will be expected to pay for the training programs. Financial assistance information is available upon request.

The students who attend the training programs and/or the IESO will be expected to behave as if they were attending a school trip. Prior to attending any IESO event, a behavior and conduct contract must be signed by both the students and their parents.

Students and mentors of the U.S. Earth Science Team at the 10th International Earth Science Olympiad in Japan.