Junior Program


The Junior Program is offered to young women interested in preparing for the USESO Training Camp. For specific dates, see the Calendar page.

It will be hosted at the University Heights dorms on UVM campus. While there are no daily exams, students take part in daily field trips and two team projects similar to those at the International Earth Science Olympiad. Students will spend the week-long camp canoeing, mountain climbing, and exploring the streams and quarries of Vermont.

At the closing of the program, teams will present their investigations for feedback. The program is designed to be fun and engage campers in hydrology, ecology, environmental science, geology and other fields so as to be better prepared for the USESO Training camp and beyond.


To attract more qualified female students into our USESO Training Camp, the Junior Program is open only to female students. Female students entering 8th, 9th, and 10th grade the autumn of the program may apply. Some background knowledge in Earth science is welcome but not a prerequisite as well as a deep interest for science in general. Students will be selected so as to promote diversity in our program, and on student essays on the application forms.


To apply for the USESO 2020 Junior Program, please submit the relevant forms (if unavailable, contact [email protected] to register).

Acceptance to this camp is on a rolling basis.