United States Earth Science Organization

The United States Earth Science Organization

The USESO holds a competition for high school students in the United States designed to promote Earth science education on a national scale. In preparing students for the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO), our programs nurture the scientific, practical, and team skills necessary for success in the advocacy of Earth’s global systems.


Registration for a new pilot program called the LEES program is now closed.

The USESO Training Camp will occur VIRTUALLY in 2022.
The LEES Program will occur VIRTUALLY on July 10 – July 17, 2022

An updated syllabus and unofficial guide are now available under Resources > Preparation.

Updated June 18, 2022

How to Participate

The USESO National Open Exam takes place each year in the spring, and is the first step towards the USESO Training Camp and IESO. Registration for the Open Exam typically opens near the beginning of each year.

The exam is held online in April for all students and determines those invited to the Training Camp. The syllabus and supplemental materials for the Open Exam and the Training Camp can be found under Preparation. Additionally, students often find Past Exams to be a valuable resource.

Students selected from the Open Exam are invited to a week-long residential camp in the summer (usually late June to early July) to learn, meet fellow Earth science enthusiasts, and prepare for the IESO. See Training Camp for eligibility and more information.

Important Dates

2022 USESO

  • March 2:¬†Registration opens for the National Open Exam
  • March 27: Deadline to register for the National Open Exam
  • April 7 – 12: Window for the National Open Exam
  • May 16: Release of results from the national selection process
  • June 15: Deadline to register for the LEES Program
  • June 25 – July 2: USESO Training Camp (virtual)
  • July 10 – 17: LEES Program (virtual)
  • August 24 – 31: IESO (virtual, hosted by Italy)
Also see our calendar.

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The International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) is an international competition organized under the guidance of the International Geological Education Organization (IGEO). Each year, the top earth science students from over forty participating countries attend the IESO. Students at the IESO compete individually as well as in teams of students from multiple countries.

The 2022 Italy-hosted IESO will be held virtually.