Our Purpose

Mission Statement

The United States Earth Science Organization (USESO) incentivizes and prepares ambitious, purpose-driven students to work on era-defining challenges that intersect Earth, technology, and society. 

Our program identifies and serves students who exhibit potential for becoming formidable leaders through deep understanding of a specific domain and independence of thought.

We provide students with opportunities for collaboration, creativity, and individual agency through competition, outdoor field studies, and discussions led by industry experts and faculty.

By investing in these students early in their journey, our impact compounds exponentially over time towards assembling a truly influential generation of leaders capable of making high-leverage decisions in the planet’s best interest.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Our core objective is to build a pipeline of students who exhibit high potential for tackling the pressing challenges facing our planet. USESO believes that this potential exists in students from all walks of life and is committed to providing support and opportunities to unlock it. Maximizing this potential depends on casting our net as widely as possible, promoting inclusivity in all facets of our organization and its programs. 

The key planetary challenges of our time vary widely in character and magnitude, requiring nuanced and well-informed solutions led by individuals rooted in the communities they serve. By including diverse perspectives, experiences, and motivations, we mirror the diversity of solutions needed for the multifaceted issues of the present and future.