How many students and staff will be at the camps?
Less than 36 students in the USESO Training Camp. Less than 26 students in the Junior Program. Our staff to student ratio is about 1:6

Can I take the exam on an alternate date?
Probably if there is a valid reason. Email/call us before the deadline.

What should I study?
Read the unofficial guide (under Resources > Preparation) for some recommended texts/info. Taking past IESO exams is also recommended.

Is the Indian national exam similar to the US open exam?
Not really. In general, the USESO is more conceptual.

Why do I have to pay money when other olympiads/camps are free?
As of May 1, 2018, the USESO is not sponsored by a larger organization like many other olympiads (e.g. USABO, USAMO, etc.).

How many people are on the international team?
8 total; 4 on the officially competing team and 4 alternates if the host country allows. The officially competing team is primarily merit-based, while the alternates are chosen largely based on their ability to work well with others, as the team competition (International Team Field Investigation/Earth Systems Project) is where they will be competing.

Can alternates receive medals at the international olympiad?
Alternates cannot receive medals in the individual competition (although they still sit for it). However, they CAN receive medals in the team competition. We can let alternates know how they would have scored in the medal section, and use this information for letters of recommendation to universities.

I’m an alumni and want to help out!
Thank you so much! We can certainly use your help. Just shoot a message or email to Ben Choi ([email protected]). :^>