USESO Training

The USESO training camp aims to provide both greater breadth and depth in Earth systems knowledge relevant to the IESO curriculum. Prior to the camp, students should study using either online or print resources. There is no textbook that covers all the content necessary for the IESO. Therefore, online resources are currently the most recommended source for studying.


The full IESO curriculum may be found on the syllabus located on the IESO site.  The USESO and the IESO emphasizes an Earth systems approach that highlights interactions between the Geosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, and Astronomy related to the Solar System. People have also had some success with Team India’s syllabus.


Past National Open Exam:


Past USESO Training Camp team selection exams (solutions not currently available):

Exam #1
Exam #2
Exam #3
Exam #4

Disclaimer: Past exams do not necessarily reflect topic distributions or exam formats in future USESO editions.

Past IESOs

Past IESO exams may be found at the IESO site here and also in a convenient, compiled form here. However, note that the content covered by each IESO edition can vary widely from year to year.

Unofficial Guide

An unofficial guide with recommended readings and general information pertinent to the USESO program and IESO has been compiled by Benjamin Choi, a former member of the U.S. Earth Science Team and IESO silver/gold medalist. This is available as a PDF here. | Contact: [email protected]

Students at the USESO summer training program identify rock and mineral samples during a practical exam.