Past Exams

Exams are normally released shortly after they are administered, published here for prospective students to prepare for the National Open Exam, Training Camp, and IESO. Summaries of student performance are available from 2021 onward. See Preparation for our syllabus and study tips.

Direct exam-related questions to [email protected]

National Open Exams

All registrants take the Open Exam in April. It assesses a wide variety of Earth science topics in a single sitting and determines those selected to attend the Training Camp.

Check our home page for registration info.

Exam  |  Solution

Note: The 2021 contains two sections. Both sections are included in each link above.

Training Camp Exams

Among projects and fieldwork, students at the Training Camp further show their abilities through several exams. 

See Training Camp for details.

Score distribution and commentary

Disclaimer: Past exams do not necessarily reflect topic distributions or exam formats in future USESO editions. Further, some solutions may have errors due to mistakes that were later corrected but not reflected here.

IESO Exams

Past IESO exams may be found at the IESO site as well as in a convenient, compiled form (special thanks to Jonathan Lee USESO ’20 for translating 2018-2019). Note that the content covered by each IESO edition can vary widely from year to year.